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A McNess staple for over half a century. Combines vanilla with orange and lemon oil for an amazing taste experience! Use anywhere you would use vanilla in your recipes. We have ice cream makers who insist on using Wonder Flavor for their favorite frozen dessert. 

Gluten free, salt free. 4 oz 


A special blend of Water, Alcohol 12%, Vanilla, Glycerin, Caramel Color, Vanillin, Bourbonal, Ethyl Acetate and other Synthetic Esters, Cinnamic Aldehyde, Lemon and Orange Oil Concentrates


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    Wonder Flavor

    Posted by Kathleen Wilkey on Oct 27th 2021

    Wonder Flavor is from my childhood. It reminds me of home. I love the unique flavor. It's not strong and overpowering like some flavorings. I am so glad they brought it back. Hopefully they'll keep it forever. The ordering process was easy and simple and I received it quickly. Will definitely order again.

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    Baking flavoring

    Posted by Joy Mockelmann on Jun 16th 2021

    This makes almost everything you bake better. I love the little difference the extra flavors make.

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    Wonderful flavor

    Posted by Yvette K Marvray on Jun 10th 2021

    It adds a very distinctive flavor to everything. I use it in baked goods, yams, etc.

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    wonder flavor

    Posted by Robin Rickett on May 14th 2021

    My grandkids love the flavor we get when added to corn syrup. They say it takes like bubble gum. Finally can get them to eat pancakes. THANK YOU

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    Excellent products

    Posted by Juanita Mcdaniel on Feb 23rd 2021

    Thank you

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    Wonder Flavor

    Posted by Marjorie L Sutter on Dec 16th 2020

    I made banana bread using Wonder Flavor. My husband exclaimed it was the best I'd ever made. He was unaware I used Wonder Flavor instead of plain vanilla!

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    Wonder Flavor

    Posted by Kanani on Oct 26th 2020

    I remember my mother using Wonder flavor in her cookie recipes and they were always so delicious. It’s such a great alternative to vanilla yet still provides a subtle complex flavor. I am so happy to have found this product and look forward to using it in all my baking.

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    Posted by Carol Hagler on Aug 31st 2020

    it's the best flavoring that I use when I make homemade ice cream.

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    Great product

    Posted by Jeremy on Jul 21st 2020

    Came across this product while shopping for vanilla. Thought I would give it a try, and Wow. I'm glad I did. Great product!