Wholesale Customers

Do you own a store? Do you have a bakery or ice cream shop? Do you have a cleaning service?

Consider applying for a wholesale account.


Retail stores get the advantage of having a line of quality products from a 115 year old brand with an outstanding reputation. We’re not on Amazon and we’re not in the big box stores.* This creates a unique shopping opportunity for your customers, your retail price is great (won’t be undersold online) and the products won’t be found at a Walmart or other bigger retailer.

Bakeries and Ice Cream Makers

Bakeries and ice cream makers across the country buy by the gallon or even by the pallet; we can even supply a 275 gallon tote. Our wholesale pricing makes our vanilla compound one of the best values on the market. And the flavor quality can’t be matched. Our proprietary blend of pure vanilla extract and vanillin is double strength and won’t bake out or freeze out. We think it is the best in the world. Contact us for samples and find out yourself.

Cleaning Companies

Our organic cleaner is an all-purpose citrus-based cleaner that doesn’t leave harsh chemical smells. Our degreaser is potassium-based, not sodium-based, for better degreasing action and cleaning. And our toilet bowl cleaner is heavy-duty, industrial strength, used in areas where you find water issues like hard water and calcification, rust, etc. (Use appropriate safety precautions listed.) Cleaning companies and businesses, including hotels, senior centers, retailers, and other public buildings, can find our wholesale program advantageous.

Low minimums, discounts at $1,000

We have low minimums orders to get wholesale pricing and companies that reach a thousand dollar annual level get an extra discount off of the wholesale price. Call for details.

To get more information or to set up an account, call 608-424-0405 or email us.

*It has been our philosophy to not sell on Amazon or in the big box stores. We don’t anticipate changing this outlook. However, we reserve the right to change this perspective in the future.