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Our current pepper stock has a "best by" date of December 31, 2022. Now here's the info on best by dates: they are completely arbitrary. There are no regulations on what they have to be. And the fact is this pepper will be good for a long, long time after the best by date.

It's not a "use by" date, or an expiration date, it's just a recommendation that says that the manufacturer assures peak freshness if you purchase it by that date. And it is expected that it will sit in your pantry for some time to come after you buy it. 

Regardless, we know that once we hit that best by date, some people will be hesitant to buy. So we now have our pepper at our lowest price ever*, only $3.25 per bottle. If you like the finely ground pepper, it's time to buy! (When we get a new batch made the price will go back up.) 

The pepper for people who love pepper!

McNess Pepper is finely ground for a reason...this allows the flavor to hit your taste buds faster, so you can actually taste the pepper more. (And if you didn't want to taste it, why put it on in the first place?) You can use less pepper and taste more flavor.

Gluten-free. Non-GMO.

*Well, for Sugar River Trading Company anyway. McNess products have been around for over 100 years, so the pepper might have been cheaper at one point in time before we took over. 


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    Posted by Mary Schlueter on Oct 27th 2022

    Great product.

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    The best black pepper

    Posted by Dee Eleazarraraz on Mar 17th 2022

    I have used McNess pepper my whole life. My grandmother was a representative and I grew up taking for granted the high quality spices and flavorings from McNess. This black pepper is no exception. My only wish is that it was still available in a larger size.