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This economical concentrate cleaner provides powerful cleaning without harsh chemicals. Rinses clean without soap scum, is effective in hard water, biodegradable, and contains no phosphates. Use this citrus cleaner on fabric, glass, china, wood, tile, porcelain or wall board. Can also be used in the laundry.

1 quart (32 oz/946 mL.)


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    organic cleaner

    Posted by Janet Beckett on Jan 30th 2023

    I have used this product for at least 30 years. I have always liked this product for cleaning. The one thing I do not like this time is the odor. The older product of the same name had no odor. I bought this product by the case when our high school band would sell them. I hope this does not present a problem, because my husband suffers from migraines that are triggered by odors. _______________________ From Sugar River Trading/The McNess Store Back in 2017 we made some slight changes to the organic cleaner to make sure that all of the ingredients were on the EPA’s “safer choice” ingredient list. The fragrance was one of the ingredients that changed, however we felt that the scent was very much identical to the fragrance in the previous version. Over time scientists are learning more about what is safe and what is not and the recommendations and regulations that go with that change. The previous fragrance that was used was ultimately labeled as not as environmentally-friendly as other options, so we replaced it. As a side note, when we made these changes to the McNess Organic Cleaner, the testing of the new formula actually showed that the cleaning abilities of the product improved. (The following is from Randy, one of the partners at Sugar River Trading: I too have issues with different cleaners, getting headaches and sinus issues when I use some cleaners, especially ones that have an ammonia or ammonia-type substance. The organic cleaner is my “go-to” for almost all of my cleaning needs for this reason. I use it for almost everything other than glass or mirrors - it does leave some streaks on those surfaces. I realize that everyone is different and that nothing can be inferred from my situation. We hope that the use of the product doesn’t cause any issues for your family. However, if it does, contact us and we’ll refund your money.)