Degreaser (1 quart)

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We’ve been told by our customers that this was the best degreaser available anywhere. So when we decided to bring it back we were hesitant to make any changes to it. But we did make two minor ingredient changes (a surfactant and preservative, not the degreasing agents themselves) in order to make it safer and Prop 65 compliant. (It’s still strong stuff, so follow directions including wearing gloves and eye protection.)

Here’s the funny thing with the change—our in-the-field testers, hand-selected because they used the previous McNess Degreaser, said it works even better than before!

This is a highly concentrated formula, so you get so much more for your money. Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of McNess Degreaser per gallon of water. Removes oil and grease. Use in the shop, kitchen, in your laundry and more. Works in hard or soft water.

Biodegradable, contains no phosphates.