Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets

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Of course people know us for the McNess brand, but we are also looking for other quality products that we can make available to our customers. We are delighted to now offer Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets. This new concept in laundry means we aren't shipping a plastic jug that is mainly water, instead we're shipping sheets that are actually made with the detergent. The sheet dissolves in the washer! It saves you money while helping the environment.

Available in Fresh Scent or Fragrance Free.

Each package contains 30 sheets, each sheet can do two regular loads. (Just tear in half for a regular load, use a full sheet for a fuller load.) That's 60 normal loads (25 cents per load) in each package. Works in both hot and cold water. Works in all machines, front load or top load, and includes high efficiency (HE) machines. 

Earth Breeze uses biodegradable ingredients in the sheets as well as in the packaging itself. And the package certainly takes up less space in the laundry room! Perfect for college kids or anyone that goes to a laundry mat. 

It is our policy that we will never sell a product that we wouldn't use ourselves, so we definitely tried these out before offering them to our customers. The results exceeded our expectations. We think you will really love how these sheets clean your clothes and the convenience of the smaller package.