Krestol Eucalyptus Gel

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The Krestol Eucalyptus Gel is the exact same formula used for generations. 11 oz


Petrolatum, Rosin, Cresylic Acid, Eucalyptus Oil 

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    amazing gel heals just about any sore

    Posted by ROLLAND FERRIS on Feb 6th 2018

    Love it

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    Love Love Love

    Posted by Phyllis on Jan 11th 2018

    I remembered when I was young, my mother use to purchase McNess products. We love their products and I will continue to purchase it today.

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    Stinky Salve

    Posted by a country girl on Jan 9th 2018

    Dad used it on the farm (for the cows). Found that it worked well for us too ( cuts etc....if by chance you had a cut that became infected the salve would pull the infection out.) when I first remembered seeing the salve was back in 1957. Best salve ever! You need just a tiny bit so it lasts a very L o n g time! The can I purchased was for my son, Glad they’re still making it! We called it “stinky salve” because of the

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    The Very Best!

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 14th 2017

    When I was growing up on the farm, mom purchased this product from the McNess man primarily for the milk cows. It was the very best salve for chapped and bleeding teats. We had a small amount left from years ago that we used very sparingly only for the worst problems. When I discovered I could buy it on line, I was elated. I used it for an unpleasant condition on my feet and it works the best of all the salves I have tried, prescriptions included. My poor son also suffers the malady and I got him started on the Krestol salve too. He agrees with me. Thanks so much for continuing to make this marvelous curative.

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    Best home remedy for so many conditions

    Posted by Cheryl Clem on Sep 15th 2017

    From cuts, scrapes, burns, scalds, bee & wasp stings, and other irritations to drawing out soreness from an inside wound this is the treatment needed. Personally used on my new puppy where she didn't have's grown out now. Also used on her for a rash that is completely gone and with only 2 treatments. Used many times personally and recommended to several friends. Issues are all healed up. If you don't know what to use, try McNess Krestol!!!

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    Awesome Product!

    Posted by Janelle Dutkanych on Sep 1st 2017

    Have loved this product for years. However, it was disappointing to pay $9.95 shipping since I was not able to locate a retailer in my area.

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    still the same

    Posted by mike on Aug 23rd 2017

    I have been using this product since 1965, worked then, still works just as good.

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    best stuff ever

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 25th 2017

    Been using it over 40 years and its a miracle salve

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    Still the best

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 19th 2017

    I grew up using Mcness Salve to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, and wounds of all sorts. It always proved to heal whatever wound you applied it to faster with little to no scarring. I am glad to find they are still making it and make it easy to purchase with the online Mcness store. I found the stuff I recently ordered works just as good as the stuff I used as a kid.