Krestol Eucalyptus Gel

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The Krestol Eucalyptus Gel is the exact same formula used for generations. 11 oz


Petrolatum, Rosin, Cresylic Acid, Eucalyptus Oil 

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    Krestol Gel

    Posted by Leann Knupp on May 21st 2020

    This is a super product. Smells the same, but has a lighter color than the original. Gave it as a gift to our grandson. He wanted to have some for his family expecting all the cuts & scrapes to come.

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    Posted by Sherlon Sue Wilson on May 12th 2020

    love this stuff

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    Posted by Louise on Apr 11th 2020

    My Mother had this in our house even before I was born. We used it for every hurt there was and it fixed 'em all! I had bunion surgery a couple years ago, as soon as the dorctors' bandage came off - Krestol went on... My doctor marveled at how quickly it was healing. Once I cut myself with a scalpel -ouch !! - Krestol to the rescue - I barely have a scar !!! Not crazy about the smell but with results like that who can complain !?!

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    krestol salve

    Posted by Elizabeth Eggert on Dec 12th 2019

    This is a great product to have on hand. I call oit the magic salve.

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    works great

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 7th 2019

    I am 70 and have used it for years. My son once said "mom, I think if I cut my arm off you would say, put some salve on and you know, I think it would work!"

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    Greatest thing since sliced bread

    Posted by Richard Grover on Sep 3rd 2019

    this salve is hands down the best salve ever made. the way it aids in healing cuts and other similar things is truly amazing. I just gave it to a friend who had a sore on his nose from a cold and he put this salve on his nose just one night and this morning(9-3-2019) he told me that his nose is almost healed up completely. There is nothing like this salve, period.

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    Posted by Ellen J Schmidt on Jul 23rd 2019

    I am 61 and have been using this save since I was two. My nana used it for everything, burns, cuts,scraps. I loved the save it was thick. Not sure about the gel, yes same ingredients but not the same. It's very thin and does not smell as potent. Just hopping it works as well as the save. From Sugar River Trading Co/The McNess Store Hi Ellen, Please don’t let the name change fool you. We’re using the exact same ingredients and using the exact same processes, at the exact same manufacturing facility where it was produced prior to the name change. The reason for the name change has to do with government regulations—to keep the old name we would have had to do ongoing expensive testing, which would have resulted in our needing to more than double the price. The new name, Krestol Eucalyptus Gel reflects the main ingredients and the closest descriptor we could come up with other than salve. We figured our customers would understand and prefer to save the money. Sorry for any confusion!

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    Dry skin Cure all.

    Posted by Kristine Neil on Apr 17th 2019

    This is a Quality; very unique [skinky] - but 100% Positive; Proven results [-on my childrens 'sensitive'areas that No Mother would want to apply a Steroid based Rx creme!]; Stops the painful itchiness, scaliness, pain from dry patches. Best to use at night, i'd found-...Sincerely the Best Product!

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    Longtime user

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 1st 2019

    My mother used this on me when I was a child, and still has her original cam of it. I have used it on my sons and bought them each a can and now bought one for my grandson to use as he and his wife now have a child of their own. Best stuff ever.